Worst Movies of All Time

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  1. What is wrong with typing Sir Patrick Stewart? When did people start mashing people's names together? I blame Twilight.
  2. I just realized the resident bad boy is Pete from Mad Men.
  3. It was happening way before twilight. Brangelina says it all. I'm usually against such practices but that's Sir Patrick Stewart's username on twitter, and if it's good enough for CapJeanLucPic it's good enough for me.
  4. He was also a character in one of the arson investigations in Rockstar's L.A. Noire.
  5. Student Bodies

  6. After Earth looks painfully bad and currently has a 13% on Rotten Tomatoes. Will Smith needs to stop trying to shove his talentless kids down our throats, and M Night Shamalmadingdong needs to stop making movies.
  7. Agreed about his kid. Did not like him in the Karate Kid and Will is better off without him. I will still watch it though as I am a Will Smith fan.
  8. I watched Paul Blart 2. That last sentence is the biggest lulz associated with this movie. It got horrible reviews but I though I liked the first. After watching this terrible movie, I realized I may not have even seen the first. Confused it with Run Fatboy Run.

  9. Seen them both and they are both rubbish.
  10. Apparently, that pixels movie sucked. - Haven't seen it, but it's done quite well on sales. Heard Adam Sandler had the same bland acting...
  11. Color of Night

    This movie was so bad it was mesmerizing. It was like a really inept attempt to make a Basic Instinct style sexy psychological thriller. It's a B-grade film that somehow stars Bruce Willis at his prime in the early 1990s. Bruce Willis in really raunchy softcore porn level sex scenes where I saw more than I ever wanted to see of Bruce Willis. At least the psycho chick in it has a rockin bod, but also unfortunately has distractingly gigantic teeth. Nothing in this movie makes much sense. It starts with a woman leaping out a window to her death, which somehow makes Bruce Willis color blind because of...reasons. Bruce Willis takes over his friend's life after he gets murdered, lives in his house, drives his car, takes over his psych practice, and no one seems to have a problem with this. The big twist with the girl having multiple personalities is preposterous. Then there's an even dumber twist where she's not actually the killer. There's cheesy porno music playing in a lot of scenes. It was actually pretty entertaining in a trashy, bad, dumb kind of way. This movie probably could have tanked Bruce Willis's career, except Pulp Fiction came out right after this and everyone forgot all about it.