Worst Oscar Bait Movies

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by cmdrmonkey, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Wow. You must've caught the gay this winter.
  2. your not joking :/
  3. Sorry about your wife, but you got the gay in you. I'm surprised you haven't mentioned Green Lantern for an Oscar

  4. hhahhaahahha. I just realized what I did. I meant Ryan Gosling, not Ryan Reynolds. Worst typo ever. Now I know why you all think I'm a fag!

    Yeah Ryan Reynolds is a douche and a horrible actor. Green Lantern is the gayest movie ever.

    Ryan Gosling on the other hand is probably one of the better actors out there at the moment. He was great in Drive, Blue Valentine, and Lars and the Real Girl. And as I said, I really think he might get an Oscar for Drive. His acting is subtle, but good.
  5. um that just happened :D