Worst Tech Blunders

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  1. Wait a few years and you won't be saying that.

    It's academic anyway. AMD stopped being competitive with Intel back in 2006 when Intel came out with the Core 2 Conroe. They've been lagging behind badly ever since and will probably never be able to catch up. Bulldozer couldn't compete with Sandy Bridge or even Nehalem, and now Intel has Ivy Bridge. AMD is at least three generations behind at this point.
  2. Windows 95 was bad enough to influence me to move to Linux-only for a few years.
  3. Microsoft OSs do a tick tock sort of thing where they alternate between being good and sucking.
  4. W95 sucked, W98 good??

    Win95 pre SR2 was nothing too revolutionary, but SR2 I stayed with until XP. Win98 was only slightly better than WinME... and I have a decent amount of respect for ME.

    On the AMD front, I'm not surprised, I still wouldn't say as much though. Via said the same thing when they went off on their epia, mini-ITX thing- where are they now? Sure they are pioneers but last I heard they are still bankrupt. The world won't remember the Epia as the world's first mini-itx they'll remember AMD's APUs or Intel's Atom. What I'm saying is companies say this and go quiet and do their thing, is this the end? no. But it won't get them any respect. It's the ones that make all the noise that get respect, and with respect comes glamour.

    Trinity turned out to be a strong Sandy Bridge competitor (yes, once again, a little too late as Ivy Bridge is just around the corner... but), strong enough to keep your hat in the ring! I might say I don't understand the point behind this, I might just say this executive be trippin. I just wish he hadn't said that :x.

    I'd much rather take an 8-core bulldozer over an i3! C'mon, that's like saying a Sempron outperformed a P4D so I'd rather have it than an OBVIOUSLY superior P4D cuz... I HATE INTEL and everybody knows the P4 technology (at the top end) was nothing but an energy hog. Don't be stupid.

    Compared with an i5 however... I might be convinced to get an i5 over Bulldozer.
  5. Ivy Bridge has already been released. And a Sandy Bridge i3 is actually faster than an 8 core bulldozer. The bulldozer was very poorly designed and extremely overpriced for the performance it offered.

    I think this is really the best thing for AMD. Their CPUs have sucked for ages, they've never really had an answer for the Core architecture, and they simply can't compete with Intel. They should just focus on making video cards. Their GPUs are still somewhat competitive with nVidia.

    In fact, I think they should pull out of the CPU market entirely. All they seem to be doing in the CPU department is wasting money and embarassing themselves. No one buys their CPUs these days except fanboys. Intel's chips are cheaper and much faster.
  6. i3 is only faster in single thread tasks and like I said buying that is like getting a Sempron or even Athlon XP over a P4D. I wouldn't buy ANYTHING with less cores unless it wins in a large majority of the tests.

    Ivy Bridge isn't out yet, on the mobile platform. You can't compare the desktop IB to mobile Trinity. I wasn't talking about desktop Trinity as that does not exist yet either.
  7. They don't call it faildozer for nothing. It's actually slower than the Phenom II in many/most cases.

    It's dead last in almost every game tested. In other words, its real world performance is abysmal. AMD produced one of the worst CPUs ever.

    I think the best description I've heard of it is "8 cores. all of them suck."

  8. The problem with the i3s is simple. they can't overclock, whereas the Bulldozer overclocks (and underclocks/ volt) like no tomorrow. I'd look at the i5 2500k and anything beyond that is a no-brainer.
  9. CNET had an editorial today entitled "Is AMD still relevant?"


    Their answer: no, not really.
  10. I'd buy a trinity mid range laptop over an Ivybridge mid range laptop. I'd buy a brazos low end laptop over an atom one. If someone puts a trinity in an ultrabook type setup and sells it for a bit cheaper, I'd go for AMD in that segment as well. So they're still relevant in my book.
  11. The problem with Llano is that OEMs inflated the price so it can compete against SB, Trinity has a whole different power sig, as it replaces both Brazos and Llano... but pricing has yet to be shown. I don't see why anybody would buy an intel ultrabook myself, unless they plan to replace it every year anyway. AMD procs run 10,000 times cooler than intel procs.... especially the core ones typically used in ultrabooks.

    But to the consumer whore hype machine media out there it really doesn't matter!
  12. AMD may make a decent netbook chip, but that market is collapsing. Most netbook manufacturers are pulling out, the most recent one being Toshiba. Smartphones, the iPad, and cheaper, more portable laptops have gobbled up any market netbooks had. In fact, many brick and mortar retailers no longer carry netbooks. On top of their waning popularity, they also had a very high return rate, which is not something you want, especially on an item that already has very low margins.

    Also, I have no idea what you're talking about when you say intel based laptops have heat issues. I know you like to buy HP, and their consumer grade laptops are worthless shitchunks, so that's probably why you experienced overheating. Their laptops are so terrible, it probably would have happened regardless of whether you went with intel or AMD.
  13. Windows Me was complete shit. Lots of BSOD. Lots of missing features that were in NT. Poor multimedia integration at a time when it was taking off. Windows XP was like a godsend.
  14. And I forgot to mention Rambus. It was a good idea because it didn't require much bandwidth, but it's advantage became irrelevant because DDR was so cheap.
  15. http://www.anandtech.com/print/5937

    If your not lookin at anandtech's pipeline your not reading the real deal. This is on Brazos 2.0. Yes its an incremental upgrade... but it's MUCH better than when they just gave us the E450. (imo it should have been front page news)
  16. http://youtu.be/7vcGqha6xJ0

    I tell you what though, that's one cool way to blow $1300. just saw a vid with that helmet where they put a long strip of tape over the top (sticky part up ofc) so it doesn't fall down like it kept doin there. It was in German so I can't describe it in english, bitte, but.,...