Wuhan Coronavirus

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  1. Does this virus give the infected expired SPAM-grade explosive diarrhea? People are going crazy with stockpiling toilet paper lately.
  2. I wonder who started the toilet paper rumor. My Mom told me weeks ago that toilet paper would run out and I have no idea why. It's a consumer created supply shortage.

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  3. It’s pretty stupid. It’s not like grocery stores don’t get regular deliveries either a few times a week or even daily. Some might get weekly deliveries. I was surprised when weeks before this full on panic even amazon orders were hard to come by.

    It’s also turning places like Costco into super spread events that we are supposed to prevent. Sports are cancelled so everyone runs to the store to get infected. I can’t wait to read the article that says churches are doing the virus’s work for it.

    Luckily, the price gougers on eBay and elsewhere are being shut down.

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    Loading up on food I totally understand. People will be eating out at restaurants a lot less or not at all during this thing. The toilet paper hording is perplexing though.
  5. We moved down here about a year ago. I don't really like it. If I get the opportunity to move the family back up to Jacksonville, I will. I'd rather be in the deep south than in NYC Part 2.
  6. where abouts in pbc? i grew up in pbg and wpb.
  7. NYC Part 2 sounds like Boca Raton or Delray Beach
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    Some states are now closing all restaurants. Grocery stores were already getting slammed and now it will be worse.
  9. Don’t know about other areas but here restaurants are just closed for dine-in. And UberEats just sent an email advertising $0 delivery fees too. Been rotating through a few of our favorite Chinese food restaurants to keep them going.

    With contactless delivery and what is sounding like a nice (US) citizen bailout, we are quickly approaching an anti-social, socialist utopia. I may never have to actually talk to anyone again!

  10. My state closed all restaurants and my gym and dentist closed as well. I hope no one has a tooth emergency. I was beginning to wonder if I should get a haircut real quick but I'm guessing I'm already too late.
  11. we're all entering twitch streamer territory
  12. Gotta love Fox news.

  13. Put your tin foil hats on, kids!

    This is only the beginning. Soon the number of infected will increase dramatically. More travel restrictions will be implemented. All non-essential civilians will be isolated at home. The global economy will collapse. World War III will ensue.

    Wash your hands, wipe your butt, and wash your hands again.
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  14. Things are getting very bleak in Italy. 800 deaths in the last day.
  15. Not enough beds. Not enough doctors. Just pray you and your family don't need to go to the hospital for any reason for the next few months. I caught my son trying to cut an apple with chef knife the other day and freaked on him. Now is not the time to get stitches.
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  17. I have been working at home since Monday 23rd March. Had our BCP (business continuity plan) in effect within 48 hours as per the plan itself.

    Monsly and Chi are sat around playing animal cross, the are contributing nothing to society as usual.
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    China's numbers are total horseshit. Italy and Spain are seeing the same number of deaths in a few days as China is claiming it had in months.
  19. [​IMG]

    Are you implying the truckloads of funeral urns being delivered to funeral homes in Wuhan isn't just a coincidental spike in enthusiasm for pottery?