Wuhan Coronavirus

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  1. The fumiest thing I have read recently is all of the conspiracy theorists going on about how this has happened since 5G masts started going live!

    Also I am not sure I believe the Chinese numbers but lets be honest, if the Chinese government tells you to stay indoors you're more likely to do as you're told than if say a European government does the same so they might have been better at locking down.
  2. No doubt the authoritarian Chinese government would have enforced quarantines strictly and forcefully, but their claim there are practically no new cases in the country where the outbreak originated with a population of 1.4 billion is beyond ridiculous. They are clearly not providing accurate information.
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    Their official death toll seems like it’s missing some zeros. And I am certain they are still seeing cases.
  4. And the media was like, "Good news. China has 0 new cases reported in Wuhan". I guess if they stopped testing that would technically be true, but I can't believe Wuhan is virus free.
  5. So are most of us here still working or have a lot of you been laid off or furloughed? I actually have to go in to the office on Monday to deal with tax year end stuff that I can't do remotely. Be first time in two weeks I won't have worked from home.
  6. I consider myself very fortunate. I'm still working and I'm teleworking from home. My wife started a new job a few months ago and she can also telework. The kids are home everyday so things can get a little noisy. They wont be going back to school this year but they are starting some kind of online schooling. It's still a mess but it will probably get better.
  7. US had almost 1200 deaths from covid yesterday. We're #1
  8. You need to pick up the phone to China and ask them how to deal with it, after all, no one dies there anymore.
  9. The mizzle household is lucky enough to work from home, both me self and me wife. No kids either so it’s been pretty chill.

    I actually miss the office a bit. Its been difficult to maintain a good sleep routine. I feel like I’m kind of living in a casino and losing track of the time.

  10. Been walking the dog in the afternoons. My neighborhood feels like an episode of the walking dead. No cars moving. No people anywhere.
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  11. Yeah I should probably get out of the house and go for a walk or a drive. Aside from taking out the trash... it’s been at least 3-4 weeks since I’ve gone anywhere. Definitely looking like a wolfman.

    But I am intrigued at how long I can go with no social interaction or sunlight. I reckon a long time.

  12. Nothing really has changed for me. Mostly full time work from home with essential employee paperwork for emergency travel. I was stocked up on toilet paper too.
  13. I've actually been wondering if I didn't already have the virus. I had to travel to San Francisco right before travel restriction were a thing. I was pissed about it and didn't want to go. It was pretty obvious even then that San Francisco would be a hot spot. After I came back I got mildly sick and shortly after the wife got very sick. My chest hurt when I coughed and my wife had a fever and shortness of breath. Oddly the kids never got sick at all. I'm thinking it's 50/50 I already had it. Coincidentally, I had a doctor appoint with a pulmonologist while I was sick. She said not to worry and to come back if I was coughing up blood. Back then, there weren't any test available so there wasn't anything she could do.
  14. you should've flown to china to get tested.
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    Fox News seems to be spinning a new narrative about covid every week. First it was a liberal hoax to undermine Trump. Then it was no worse than seasonal flu and everyone was just being hysterical. Now it's real and it's bad and those damn Democrats are definitely to blame! I love how dumbass boomers watch that crap and it rots their brains. I love how they are such drooling invalids that they don't even notice when the narrative suddenly and dramatically changes. The biggest loud mouthed idiot on the network is probably Hannity. I can feel my brain cells dying when he talks.
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  16. Covid19 will be what derails teflon Don. He cut funding for CDC. Overall and specially for infectious disease rapid response. Then he called it a hoax instead of reacting with any sense of urgency.

    I don’t think there is any coming back from that. If I’m proved wrong, the USA is basically reached the plot of Idiocracy.
  17. Trump probably gutted the pandemic response team because Obama created it. His base will still support him anyway. Right now they're trying to decide if the virus is a hoax created by the democrats or a real threat created by the democrats.
  18. but he doesn't remember it so it's invalid. people need to stop asking him nasty questions.
  19. You might be giving our fellow Americans too much credit. Plus Biden is terrible.

    But it could happen if we get some mail in votes and a few more boomers removed. The south and some swing states seem especially keen on getting sick as soon and as much as possible. The boomer death cult that is propping him up is drinking the kool aid before they can screw us one last time by re-electing him.