Wuhan Coronavirus

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  1. I am glad I can wfh and not really miss out on stuff. My wife works for the NHS in a Lab so she is probably in the safest part of the hospital, but I worry about her commute etc. The UK is pretty retarded atm..

    This weekend people were going for walks like nothing mattered. We should have locked down earlier, but after surpassing Italy this week maybe we should be slowing down.

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  2. My state is transitioning from, Stay at Home, to Safe at Home, starting tomorrow. Like with the terrorist threat level system, I'm a little confused as to what it means.
  3. WWII lasted 6 years. Without a vaccine Covid could surpass those numbers in less time.
  4. But it will all be OK because your president has done such a good job, 10/10.

    Funny that the two most incompetent and downright dumb world leaders (Trump and Boris) are overseeing some of the biggest death tolls.
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  6. Yeah we’ve got morons running our countries during the worst public health crisis in 100 years. Lucky us.