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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Don't know if anyone still has an Xbox 360 and plays online but this thread will be the same as the Playstation Online thread and for everyones Gamertags. I myself will be on Xboxlive again, but only until I get my PS3 back.


    Phisix: phisixuk
    AKS: AKS1
    Monsly: monsly
    Armitage: Sn1per lad
  2. Gamertag: AKS1 (just like PSN tag)
  3. What games do you usually play online?
  4. Not much lately because I've been swamped. I will definitely be getting Gears 3 and also have Halo: Reach, which I haven't got around to finishing yet.
  5. Oh yeah I forgot about Gears 3. I never played much of Gears 2 online, but I loved Gears 1 online. Should be great online nonetheless.

    I guess most people are still playing COD: Black Ops online on Xbox 360 still. Did not interest me as much as MW2 online but it was okay to pass the time. I might borrow my mates copy which I sold him if I ever get bored of PES 2012 online.
  6. Weird, I thought we already had this thread but that must have been at the old places. My tag is monsly; I've been playing more 360 stuff recently but I've not bothered with a gold subscription and probably won't get around to it for a while.
  7. You picked up PES 2011 yet mate on either console? I know you used to like it and play it online. The best version by far, especially online.
  8. I've not picked it up as yet; wasn't stuck on the demo so I'm waiting until it's under £15 or so. You been enjoying it then?
  9. Oh yes! The best fun from all of the series. Master league online is a breath of fresh air and its very popular. The final game is a bit faster and different to the demo, but it is great. Of course there are still problems, but its not as bad as some.

    2012 is supposedly going to be perfect.
  10. Mine was and still is Sn1per lad. I haven't actually played anything recently as I've run out of live, had university work to do and also have a decent gaming system now so I've been playing a lot of PC games.

    I do play Halo: Reaches campagin intermittently, as I'm doing it on Legendary and it's a pain in the arse; so I take breaks after completing so much of it.
  11. Okay I finally got another HDD and I now have Xbox live. Only problem is it is not Gold, as I need to buy it. At the moment I am skint, so does anyone have any xbox live gold 1 month free cards lying around?

    My gamertag is also now phisixuk as I could not find my phisixlive one.
  12. I need some Xbox live friends. Add me on the gamertag above!
  13. How come you couldn't use your old Live name? I'll add you next time I'm on but I've not got gold membership.
  14. I've added you, but I don't have live at the moment.
  15. Yeah, I don't have gold either at the moment. really want to play master league online on PES 2011 too. Guess i'll have to stick to single player and Guitar hero until I can.
  16. Yeah, I wanted live to participate in the Gears 3 beta. But uni's getting in the way. LOL.
  17. Seems like a recurring theme here. I'll add you but again, I don't have gold. I let it run out the day I got the RROD. I'll get gold again before Gears 3 comes out though.
  18. It's a shame I lost my old gamertag, I had many games, downloads and a big gamerscore on it. Oh well, I dont play Xbox for the achievements anymore, I only do that on the PS3 for trophy's.

    I need to find a trial code online somehow.
  19. What do you mean you've lost your old gamertag?
  20. I was confused by that as well; aren't profiles transferable on the 360?