Xbox addict \'dies from blood clot\'

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Interesting but could happen to any of us addict gamers.

  2. If you do anything for three days without taking a break you could die. After reading this, maybe I'll pay attention to the warnings suggesting I take a break every hour.
  3. I used to have big gaming sessions, but due to drinking a lot and wanting to eat I frequently moved to get that done and use the toilet so they counted as breaks.
  4. If he were really hardcore he would have been shooting up lovenox.
  5. I once had a 48 hour session on FFX-2, but I kept getting up for toilet/fag breaks. I spent about 12 hours on Black Ops yesterday (double xp weekend) but I also walked down the shops twice and had numerous smoke breaks so I might be ok.
  6. This has got to be an isolated case of bad luck. I'm curious about his general health also.
  7. No underlying health problems apparently. But was he a massive fatty?
  8. He may have had an underlying hypercoagulable state (factor v leiden, protein c or s deficiency, undiagnosed cancer, etc) that went undetected. It's rare for a younger person to develop a DVT and a PE, even when immobilized.

    Wasn't FFX-2 pretty much a little girl dress up game? Also, considering smoking causes peripheral vascular disease, getting up and smoking is actually making it far more likely that you'll die from a blood clot.
  9. It was the sequel to my favourite game of all time so of course I was going to play it, and play it a lot. No where near as good as FFX though. I only really played it for the story since I loved the story of FFX so much.
  10. That is why we will be fine. Fag and toilet breaks give us movement away from gaming so we are fine.

    Same, when I first for it I played it a lot to finish it. People say it is shit but it is okay.
  11. Toilet breaks yes. Smoking no. Smoking causes peripheral vascular disease, which leads to amputations and blood clots. The blood clot in a situation like this typically starts in the deep veins of the legs and travels to lungs, where it either does serious damage or kills you. By smoking, you're making yourself far, far more likely to die like this.

    Only retards smoke. It's one of the worst things you can do for your health short of putting a gun to your head. And at least putting a gun to your head is quick. Losing your toes and your legs to gangrene, having heart attacks and strokes, and getting COPD and lung cancer is a slow, painful, and disgusting way to die. And while you may think you're invincible now, wait until you get to be about 50 and everything goes to shit because you smoked.

    And I know you won't listen to me. You'll end up just like these dumbasses I see every day who are still smoking even after losing both legs.
  12. I understand and was susceptible to the appeal of smoking as a teenager. But I just don't see how you can follow through with it after that. Your voice is the first thing to go... it's such a shame to talk to some hot girl in her mid 20's that sounds 60. They sound like they need to clear their throats.
  13. I don't get it either. You'd have to be a complete fucking retard to know the health risks and still do it. Some of the smoking related stuff I've seen like gangrenous limbs literally gives me nightmares.
  14. I smoke for another reason than addiction but I won't say why. When I get over that problem I will be quitting but until then I can't.

    I usually game lying down too, so that must be better then sitting up as we sleep around 8+ hours a night and we are fine after that so it must be better.
  15. If it's anxiety, get on a benzo like a normal person. Nicotine is a poor treatment for anxiety. You're destroying your body when there are far better treatments.

    Get them to put you on something long acting like Ativan or Librium. Xanax is crap. If you're GP is an idiot, get referred to a psychiatrist.

    The reality is, you'll probably never get over your anxiety. Generalized anxiety disorder is typically lifelong. So stop destroying your body and go see a damn doctor. You have free healthcare and free drugs, so use it. Many people in the US would kill to have what you have and you won't even use it.

    If you keep smoking, you're a fucking retard.



    Here's what your legs will look like a few years. But hey keep smoking. It keeps cardiothoracic surgeons, orthopods, vascular surgeons, and oncologists busy.
  16. Yeah because everyone who smokes or has done have turned out like that. I have never seen or heard of anything happening to that to anyone I know or through friends. I am not saying it won't happen but it seems very rare.

    One of my uncles has been smoking for over 30 years and he is still quite healthy. I don't plan on smoking for the rest of my life though, I was against it before I started.
  17. Keep sticking your head in the sand. Typical smoker.

    Speaking from the experience of having seen thousands of patients, which dwarfs any experience you might have, if they live long enough, they eventually do. You're looking at a future of almost certainly having COPD and PVD, and quite possibly getting lung and/or oropharyngeal cancer. If you had seen some of the horrific things I've seen, you wouldn't go near another cigarette. The anti-smoking people aren't bullshitting you. You're slowly killing yourself.

    Man up and go see a psychiatrist. Smoking is a shitty way to self medicate for anxiety, and your anxiety isn't going to magically go away.
  18. Not to me, it gets me out of bad social situations all the time. I would probably super freak out if I did not have it as an excuse to get away from those predicaments


    Like I said, I don't plan on smoking forever.
  19. GAD is usually lifelong, so you will be smoking forever.

    What medications did you try? Xanax? Xanax is shit. It's short acting and addictive.
  20. Nothing at the moment as need to go to the doctor next week. Only been like this bad for the last few months but thought I would get over it.