XBOX One gamers angry at Quantum Break coming to PC

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  1. Mandatory Windows 10. I can see why MS would want to push it to PC.
  2. It's like Halo 2 and Windows Vista all over again
  3. It's cos xboners have precious few exclusives. They're getting desperate.

    Reminds me of those butthurt PC gamers crying because bloodborne wasn't coming to PC and they started that petition.
  4. That actually is nothing like this situation. It's not unreasonable to want something that is not available to you.
  5. Nobody owns an Xbox One so they need to sell the game somehow.
  6. Massively overhyped Alan Wake 2 doesn't stay exclusive? This exactly what happened with the first game.

    At least this time they held the top locaction.
  7. Wait wasn't the original Alan Wake a PC exclusive then 360 exclusive then not?
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    Not putting this on Steam pretty much guarantees it will be a bomb.

    The original Alan Wake sold 1.3M copies on Xbox 360 and 1.8M copies on Steam. Clearly there is more demand on PC, but putting it on the Windows Store is a huge mistake. As far as most PC gamers are concerned, if it's not on Steam, it doesn't exist. They've instantly lost 2/3s of the audience for this game by not having it on Steam.
  9. Actually, the tornado physics in Alan Wake were supposed to be exclusive to one of the 360's cores, then later became non-exclusive.
  10. The level of whiny entitlement is the same. That PC guy was saying From software had betrayed him even though bloodborne was made in partnership with Sony whereas the previous games weren't.
  11. So I'm actually wondering how to buy this game for PC right now.. I want to play this game when it comes out.

    At the moment, the only way I'm seeing how to get this is to get the Xbox One digital version through the promo.

    • Every Xbox One Quantum Break pre-order made through the Xbox Store or participating retailers will get you a download code for the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break and Xbox One backwards compatible version of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.
    There is no other option to obtain the PC version that I can find.. or even any announcement. Windows 10 store pulls up no results when you type in Quantum Break. Every area you try to go to for a Quantum Break purchase takes you to the Xbox One store...
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    Gamespot 6/10, GiantBomb 2/5

    Ouch. This was supposed to be the big AAA game that was going to redeem the Xbox One.
  13. IGN 8/10, Polygon 8.5/10.

    It's looking pretty good. Who really reads Gamespot & GiantBomb anyway?
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    Everyone. Especially Gamespot.

    Sounds like it's time to deposit your Xbox One in the nearest dumpster. I might play this, but I'll get it as an illegal download from a torrent site. I'm not paying for a 6/10.
  15. Wow, the highest score is from Polygon - what a surprise!
  16. I think a better question is who reads Polygon? The Gamespot review has 564 comments. The Polygon review has 19 comments. I've seen local news articles about schoolboard meetings with more comments than Polygon. Sounds like Gamespot has The Top Locaction.
  17. polygon is heavily moderated much like the verge tech blog.. not surprising as its their sister site
  18. Wait. That's Gus Gerstmann that wrote that low review for Giant Bomb. Well, that explains everything.
  19. Who is Gus Gerstmann?