Xbox One Has Already Won: Play + Share Without Discs

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chairmansteve, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Families are going to love playing and sharing without discs.

    Back in ye olden days, you had to put a disc in the machine every time you wanted to play. That was after you thoroughly searched your home and car for a lost disc and finally decided to play something else. In the future, your games will always be with you, at home and away, ready to play when you are and where you are.

    Back in the analog age, to share you had to physically lend your vulnerable game, and pray to God that Satan doesn't unleash the demons -- scratched disc, torn pages, teeth marks, Dr. Pepper stains, smell of cat piss. In the future, you can share your games safely online and play them yourself at the same time. That's some sci-fi shit right there.

  2. Who is keeping their games in their car?
  3. Apparently your game discs also tend to go through interdimensional rifts like in DOOM and get scratched by demon claws.
  4. I don't lose my games becsause I always kepe them i ntheri correct case. I hate it whe nI go to a freind's house and we have to search all the cases just to find the game we want. Is it so hard to keep games in the box with their names on them? I also haven't had a scratched disc since the PS1 days.

    So Steve. What happens if I buy a game from a shop and it turns out to be complete shit. Can I take it back and get my money back from the shop? Notice how ALL downloaded content where games or DLC all state that no refunds are possible. For this reason I say fuck digital only downloads. Choice and options are ALWAYS good, fact.
  5. wait what? you guys can return opened software/movies/music over there in the UK?
  6. With a receipt you can. I think you still can. It's been many years since I did it last. Just checked online and it seems you can but only for store credit.
  7. There may be a system implemented for you varmints. Big Dudebro always knows what games you have in your library. Hypothetically, authorized shops can deactivate your license and give you a full or partial credit.
  8. The future is no more.
  9. Could be that Nintendo will follow and announce Metroid Prime 4?
  10. xbone was going to take one step closer to becoming one with the elite pc master gaming race with these features, but alas, the people have spoken and they will remain as the lesser console beings.