Xbox One vs PS4 Graphics... Go!

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  1. This reminds me of Alan Wake's fabled "one core of the 360 will be dedicated to the tornado physics" stuff.
  2. If 3 Mbps is enough for online gaming, 9 Mbps should be too. Are you not able to play games online?

    Sonyboy consoles can't play online multiplayer without Internet either. Them's the breaks.
  3. The thing to remember with this type of approach is that the server physics support probably has an expiration date, similar to a lot of online multiplayer modes.
  4. And this is the problem when some bright spark decides server side/cloud processing is a good idea in single player. In 5 years you might have a game you can't play anymore.
  5. I think that an online game has a longer life expectancy on XBL than it has on PSN.
  6. It doesn't only depends on the amount of data but more so how the latency of these physics effects occurring affects gameplay. The advantage of a multiplayer only game is that the world effects are broadcast to everyone playing the match making it all a lot more efficient on the server end than doing unique processing for each player. I still need to be convinced how latency would potentially limit the extent of how 'real' the physics can be as opposed to being just for show. Interacting with a changed environment as it is still in a state of change is still hard to do in offline games let alone multiplayer.

    I don't have a lot of choice as to where I live because of the distance between my work and my partners. It's only fair to live half way between the two as much as possible. That said the internet is crap most places over here and the recently elected government has decided to greatly hamper the technology being used in the nation wide upgrade. So the future of what I will be able to get doesn't look great.

    That's another huge concern I always have with these games. Sure, they are mainly online only focused anyway, but it would be nice to have a LAN option available where possible. Server side processing is just another step to making that entirely impossible.
  7. Xbox One exclusive Crackdown is easily 2 or 3 generations beyond anything seen before. So it's only natural for the PS4 Boyz to show some concern.
  8. Steve's not even trying any more. Must be getting old
  9. Steve was old when we were young. He's collecting social security by now.
  10. The Xbox fangirl is strong in him.
  11. lol I think everyone here is too old for corporate marketing speak. Truly exclusive content is a largely a thing of the past, so I play on whatever console my friends are on. Most migrated from Xbox360 to PS4, so that is where I'll end up too.
  12. Ok. Nothing tops this. Quantum Break. Sony just wishes that they had something that looked this good.

    And then it's got live action segments that push it even farther.

    And to top it all off, it's an original IP.
  13. I dunno man. Naughty Dog is basically Sony's premier developer and they've been more successful than Remedy Entertainment.. and I'm a huge Remedy fan. Quantum Break looks good but it might become another Alan Wake.
  14. I got an Infamous: Second Son vibe from that trailer, only with 50% more ears.
  15. Quantum Break sounds like it should be the sequel to Point Break, except this time the surfers/bankrobbers are robots.
  16. M$ have just shut down Lionhead and Press Play.

    2 less first party studios, seems a bit of an odd decision seeing as first party games were already not too strong on XBOX of late. Will Rare be next?
  17. Yeah. And I'm loving the PS Plus monthly free games. I especially can't wait for April '16!

  18. Is this the power of top lactation?