Xbox One vs PS4 Graphics... Go!

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    The power of accidentally using the wrong kind of memory (that's actually slower than the memory in your previous console), resulting in another generation of 720p and low framerates. Because you have idiots who don't even know basics about gaming hardware designing your shit.
  2. I heard its on the top shelf in alpolio's nearest Best Buy so it doesn't matter about what res it is.
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    Best looking game on Xbone.

    But it's ok. Battlefront looks great on Sony. It's official, the PS4 is the new GameCube.
  4. Running it's showcase game at 720p, easy to see why PS4 sells more units.
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    Has there ever been an explanation of why they opted for a 7790 GPU and DDR3 system memory instead of a 7870 with GDDR5 like the PS4? Was it a cost cutting move? With all of the sales they're losing because of the inferior graphics, I doubt it saved them any money if that's the case. Or was the system just designed by morons who don't know anything about hardware? Even the n00best of the n00bs knows that GPUs need fast memory not to suck.
  6. I'll go with the recent excuse used by Tesla: "hubris".
  7. It's because Microsoft has DirectX and Sony is stuck with OpenGL or whatever they call that crap these days. My Mac games use it and they run horribly. But if I boot to Windows, the same games performance will increase dramatically. So Sony needed the extra power to keep it from sucking. But it still takes a big hit on post processing effects. That's why Quantum Break looks so much better than Uncharted 4.
  8. Your troll game is weak... have fun playing a shitty game that looks better. Based on previous track record Uncharted 4 will actually be good.

    Remedy's massively over-hyped failure, Alan Wake is being given away for free. This one seems doomed to the same fate, so keep your $60.
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    I enjoyed the storytelling in Alan Wake. I just thought it blew goats as an actual game. It was so boring and repetitive. After awhile I was just slogging through the gameplay to see what would happen next with the story. It was also delayed so heavily that by the time it came out only the lighting effects were impressive, and the graphics were otherwise rather dated. It was worth the $4 I paid for it during a Steam sale, but lol at anyone who bought it for $60. Also, games that are all story with shitty or non-existent gameplay have become pointless to buy in the last few years due to YouTube let's play videos. You can just watch them on YouTube and save $60.

    Quantum Break looks like more overhyped mediocrity. Remedy has really gone to shit since being acquired by Microsoft. It's hard to believe this is the same studio that made Max Payne 1 and 2, games that were once considered the gold standard for third person shooters. Since no one owns an XB1 and no one buys anything on the Windows Store, Quantum Break is going to flop hard. They might be able to recoup some of their losses by putting it on Steam at a fire sale price. But that's the only way it will move any copies.
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    Yeah, let the graphics do the talking. Here's Uncharted 4. And I actually prefer the one with the girl in the snow. But that's Xbone only.

    And here's the best console graphics of 2016.

    If that was a movie, I'd stand in line to see the premier. :)
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    worst port ever

    $60 for <30fps and constant crashing on high-end cards.
  12. Kind of odd when you consider that the main purpose of DX12 on XB1 was to make cross-platform games with PC easier.
  13. That's what you get for playing it on PC instead of XB!, like the good Lord intended.

  14. Consoles are for filthy peasants and n00bs

    PC gamers are the master race.

  15. It looks like they just tried to port the code over directly. And the Xbone doesn't have the bottlenecks of a PC. And as you can see...


    There's just too much going on, It can't be ported. They'll have to rebuild it from ground up. As for the PS4 -- well, Uncharted 4 has some awesome looking forests.
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    The system stuck at 720p/30fps/med-low settings that uses slow DDR3 system memory for VRAM, has a CPU that's as slow as an Intel Atom, and has a GPU on par with what PC gamers were running in 2010 doesn't have bottlenecks. Delusional much? The XB1 is like a collection of poor hardware design decisions and bottlenecks.
  17. I didn't say that. Ars Technica did.

    "Uncharted 4's" in-game character faces and animations certainly pale compared to this month's beautiful Xbox exclusive, Quantum Break, but Uncharted fans may prefer the polygonal budget being spent on those incredible views anyway.​


    And it's not an upscaled 720p like Ghosts. It's some sort of 1080p resampling using previous frames. It works wonders. Sony really should try it.
  18. They don't need to, the PS4 already plays its flagship games at 1080p.
  19. If I scale back all of my post processing effects, my MacBook can run at 1080p too.
  20. I think it's fair to say the balance has shifted now - I bet Sony and Naughty Dog are terrified about going up against Quantum Breaks 720p graphical juggenaut with its 77 metacritic rating. Let's face it, alpolio's shelf positions foretold the future.