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  1. Is fucking ugly...


    Also completely impractical I would imagine, it's like someone stretched a Gamecube.
  2. Imagine what two of those cinder blocks could do to a pitbull if you bound them to your hands.

    It's not much to look at, but Microsoft is claiming it's going to be very quiet and cool. Looks matter when it comes to selling a console, but power, temperature, and quiet cooling are more important factors to me.

    The Hellblade II trailer looked incredible. I'm interested to see how well that represents the hardware's capabilities.
  3. It’s basically a PC at this point. It’s AMD hardware inside of something that looks like a small form factor PC case.
  4. Not sure how accurate these leaked numbers are but both consoles look to be faster than a 2080 Super or about 20% faster than a 5700XT. I'll be impressed if these sell for less than $600. A 2080 Super is still $700.

    PlayStation 5

    12.6Tflops RDNA 1.5
    AMD ZEN 2 @3.6Ghz
    18GB GDDR6+4GB ddr4
    SSD@5.5GB/S 500GB
    Dedicated cores for RT and 3D Audio
    Bandwidth 576GB/S

    Xbox Series X

    11.8Tflops RDNA 1.5
    AMD Zen 2@3.7Ghz
    16GB GDDR6+4GB ddr4
    SSD@3.8 GB/s 1TB
    Dedicated RT cores (less than PS5)
    Bandwidth 596GB/S
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  5. The XSX looks extremely powerful. The TFLOPS figure is underselling the power quite a bit given RDNA2 is much more efficient than GCN. I've seen varying speculation about the PS5 between 9 to ~13 TFLOPS. I'm guessing the PS5 will be less powerful than the Xbox Series X and will try to sell it at a lower price. If the PS5 is their only model, I think they'd want to keep it between $399 and $499. I don't see how Microsoft can sell a console with the specs they put out at less than $499 to $599 minimum, maybe more.
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    I feel bad for anyone who spent money on PC gaming hardware recently. System requirements are going to increase dramatically over the next two years with everything being multplatform. At this point I think I’ll just hang onto my i7/1070 setup and wait for the dust to settle. Maybe I’ll build a new PC next year. This is going to be another 360/ps3 type gen where hardware leaps ahead massively. Both systems look like total beasts. I also bet the developers will take advantage of the really fast storage. Hard drives and maybe even SATA SSDs will become obsolete for gaming.
  7. I expect large jumps in GPU performance this year but I'm not counting on price drops. AMD's current flagship GPU is only $400 while Nvidia has 3 more high-end tiers at $500, $700, and $1100. From AMD I predict RDNA 2 refreshes of the 5700 and 5700 XT and two big NAVIs as well. Maybe something at 2080 Super speeds for $650 and a Titan Killer for $1000. All wild speculation of course.
  8. a lot of pc gamers are still sitting on 1080p 60hz probably. I don't see them regretting anything. ;)
  9. lol. The average card is still a 1060, and the average monitor 1080p/60hz
  10. Wow! I'm glad that I didn't buy a new PC yet this year. I'll have to postpone that till after PC tech catches up to the XSX.

  11. Xbox SEX
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    Both official specs are out.


    Team Xbox is back in the lead. And that extra power is going to be important for ray tracing.

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    On paper it seems like the Xbox has a significant hardware advantage over the PS5 with the exception of storage access time. The Xbox may be faster, but will it also be bigger, louder, and more expensive?
  14. Maybe. But I think that we're looking at a redux of Xbox vs Gamecube fight. Just with Sony in Gamecube's position.

    And, of course, with the Switch in the PS2's position. :rolleyes:
  15. I seriously doubt they are going to sell at the same price.
  16. What are the odds there will be a PS5 Pro version?
  17. I think very high, but probably in 2 or 3 years from now. I think they are going for a lower price point than Microsoft and will cut manufacturing costs over the next few years and release a more powerful version.
  18. Based on previous generations, the best time to build a new PC will be late next year.

    PS2/Xbox/GC Generation released in 2000/2001. ATI released the Radeon 9700 Pro in 2002.
    Xbox 360/PS3/Wii released in 2005/2006. nVidia released the 8800GT in 2007.
    PS4/XB1 released in 2013. nVidia released the GTX 970 in 2014.

    A cheap/powerful video card that beats the consoles for around $300 always comes out about a year later. So we should see a cheap console crusher card in late 2021.
  19. Yeah. I'll have to wait another year before I get a PC. :(

    And I'm betting that Microsoft will match Sony's price even if they have to sell it at a loss. Last November, Phil Spencer said in an interview, “I would say a learning from the Xbox One generation is we will not be out of position on power or price."
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    And this is interesting too. It's DF responding to a post on a rival forum. The fanboy drivel is laughable.


    And, of course, we have dev confirmation of this too.

    So, the XSX's power is going to be staggering. While the PS5 will be good. Hey... maybe Sony can recreate that PS2 magic? :rolleyes:

    (Edit) Oops! I mean, maybe Sony can recreated that Gamecube magic? LOL! :p