XBOX Series X

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    I could be wrong, but with everything going on with covid19, it wouldn't surprise me if the launch of these consoles gets pushed back a bit.
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  2. If they could, they should launch right when everybody’s check is delivered.

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  3. I'm kind of wondering how the quality is going to be on the launch systems. They usually have a ton of bugs in the initial builds because they're been rushed out the door. I'm afraid it's going to be way worse with this launch.
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    Xbox Series S details - $299, 1440p 120fps games, DirectX raytracing
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    I suspect the Series S will be a big seller at $300. It’s powerful enough and priced right.
  6. I don't know whose idea it was but it was horrible design, they should fire him.
    Bulky archaic
  7. I wish that fridge was available to buy for a decent price lol.

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