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  1. Xfire is an instant messaging program for Windows pc's.
    It supports chatting/voice chat with other clients ingame (even if they play other games), aswel as IM and MSN.
    You can take screenshots or capture video's and upload them straight to the xfire page to share them. You have a lobby so when the host presses start, everyone gets trown into the same server.

    I like the ingame browser, so you dont have to alt tab, and it can be transparant.
    You can manage your WMP or Winamp ingame too, and you can start broadcasting sessions for any game you like. Xfire also collects all your games, so you can just one-click and start the game. Plus you never have to search for servers, you can just click on 'Join' and you'll join the server your friends are playing. It keeps track of your recently played servers and Xfire keeps track of your gaming hours etc.

    Anyone else here using this program? It recently got a new update after one year, company got taken over by another last year.

  2. I don't know. The whole thing seems kind of intrusive but I'm a little suspicious of most everything.
  3. Frankly the extent to which people can track what I'm doing on Steam already creeps me out, so I don't think I would ever use this.
  4. You have the ability to hide all your activitys to everyone, or you can choose to let it only be viewed by friends.