Your Creative Skills?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by ali_f, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. I never really have advertised on what I've done on my free time. So I've decided to create a thread based on seeing other members creativity skills. After I finish university, I would love to be involved in some PVCF project. I remember in the last forum, there was a possibility of making a 'PVCF video game'.

    So in order to know what skills you have, try posting some of your awesome work/projects. I'll start with mine:


    This image showcase my modelling skills I did in my first year of Uni. Of course, its easy to create a skeleton structure for these models (for use of animation), but putting these models in a game....well, thats something I may consider to do as a hobby after uni.



    One of my very early skills in modelling a room containing objects (all created by me again). At the time, I had a poor quality camera, so the texture mapping turned out to be shitty.

    I have loads more to show, so I will post them here in the future. There's also one hobby I enjoy doing, which is just messing around in making videos:

    The original Metal Gear Solid Movie trailer was in Japanese, but I've managed to create a dubbed version (note, I clearly state that I have no part in filming this trailer).

    Anyway, would love to see what other members have got to show. Who knows, maybe we can combine some of our skills to do a project.
  2. video making is so 2005 dude

    and I don't know if you can call these 'creative'. more just mad.