Your Exercise Routine

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  1. What do you guys do to exercise?

    I have a treadmill and weights and I work out a few nights a week. I also take the dogs for a long walk every night.
  2. I have a set of Powerblock adjustable dumbbells, an aluminum folding weight bench, and a spinner bike. I also started doing yoga in the spring last year and highly recommend it to anyone. It's not easy (understatement), and it's a big time help for general flexibility and reducing back stiffness. Anyone starting to "feel their age" should look into it.

    Current routine:

    Day 1- 45 minutes beginner yoga
    Day 2- Chest/Back with weights + crunches
    Day 3- 30 minutes on spinner bike, Legs with weights + crunches
    Day 4- Arms/Shoulders with weights + crunches

    Then I do three days of rest and start over again, so basically it's a 7 day cycle. All of the workout routines are 45-60 minutes max.
  3. I walk up some stairs occasionally, but I prefer the elevator.
  4. My girlfriend made me try hot yoga once. The place smelled like dirty gym socks, and I felt like I was going to have a heat stroke. Never again.
  5. I try to maintain a full body strength-training routine every other day. Throw in some HIIT cardio at random. Realistically speaking cardio is worthless, running a mile might burn 100 calories if you're lucky. That is a lot of work to burn off a glass of milk. Just not worth the effort in my opinion.
  6. Yeah, the gimmick stuff like yoga in a 90-100 degree room is totally beside the point of what yoga really does for you. It's not about burning mega calories. Flexibility/back health.
  7. Typically I workout Monday-Friday for 45 minutes. Lately I’ve only been doing elliptical but pretty soon I’ll be rotating weights and core back into the mix. I tried to get into yoga but it’s pretty dam hard especially for someone without balance.
  8. Mon - Abs, Bi's and Tri's
    Tue - Shoulders and Back
    Wed - Chest
    Thur - Abs (extended), legs

    No cardio right now but I did a half marathon last year.
  9. I walk to work and back home again, once at said places I sit down... a lot...
  10. I do weight training Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings; start at 7am.

    Mondays I do Shoulders and Triceps
    Wednesdays I do Chest and Biceps
    Fridays I do Back and Legs.

    I start every day of weight training with a 10 min cardio warm-up and Abs. I finish weight days off with 30 mins on the Eliptical Trainer.

    Tuesdays and Thursdays I do an hour and 10 mins cardio; either all on the eliptical machine or I switch half way through to the exercise bikes.

    Having a job where I sit on my arse most of the day I need the extra exercise.

    I used to think that but that's not quite true. If you're doing weight training, increasing your cardio fitness means that you decrease the amount of time that it takes to recover between sets. Your workouts become more intense and quicker. Also, if you're using equipment which lets you enter your weight and your age do it; it'll give you a more accurate reading. 30 mins on an eliptical trainer I burn around 370 calories which doesn't sound like a lot but it's a meal somewhere so you still have a calorie all counts.
  11. Yes, it depends on what other activity you do throughout the day as to how much cardio is needed. I only sit around half the time at most, the rest is standing and walking.

    I still like to do some quick cardio. Something like hitting the row machine for 8 mins: 1 min flat out at around 1min 40sec/500m then 1 min of a steady pace around 2min 20sec/500m and repeat. Much more effective and time efficient than running on a treadmill for 30 mins.

    Super sets are another good option. It's definitely an area where I'm lacking... I can fail pretty hard if I don't get a good minute rest between sets.
  12. I should start doing healthy junk since I'm 30... but I'm lazy :( I'm still under 150 lbs so I'm not too worried. I wake up early and go to bed on time... sometimes. That's about all. I also actively walk to work about 4x a week.