Your Favourite Game genre?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Simple really. Just tell us what is your favourite genre and why? You can also list your genres in order of favourite to worst if you like.
  2. My favourite genre really depends on what sort of mood I'm in. I like RPGs but sometimes I don't feel like investing that much time into it, FPSs are fun when in a multiplayer session with friends but sometimes I don't want to focus that much. Action games are fun but sometimes bore me. Platformers the same, but LBP2 is pretty fun right now.

    Puzzle games are ok for short stints as long as they're not too complex, otherwise I cannot be bothered.

    Hmmm, in order eh? Best to worst, sometimes.

    (Uniates gameplay experiences like Flower, FlOw, today I die etc)
    Adventure/action Platformers
  3. Like

    1. Western RPGs
    2. Strategic M-FPS
    3. RTS


    1. Platformers
    2. Fast M-FPS
    3. Shovelware
  4. FPS
    2D Platformer
    2D Shooter

    Not in any particular order, other than the first. The FPS is the ultimate genre.
  5. Fighters

    Why? Fighters are both quick & satisfying. A match lasts only a few minutes (if that long) and it's very satisfying to pound someone into oblivion.

    I also love FPS & traditional RPG's. But I have to set aside enough time to play them in order to get anything out of them.
  6. Mine would be RPG's. I love story's for games and RPG#s never fail to deliver. I also like turn based battles so that goes towards it too.
  7. I have added a poll to this thread. So please vote on your favourite genre in the poll above.
  8. I would say that without a doubt my favorite game genre has to be RPG's There pretty much the only games these days that are worth full price mainly cos you get your moneys worth in terms of gaming hours.

    By definition this makes Shooters my least favorite genre not because they aren't any good but because if you dont have online access (which I don't) they are too short and not worth £40.