YouTube HQ shooting

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by supersonic, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Did you know entering YouTube corporate headquarters and attempting to kill their employees is a terms of service violation? They will straight up delete your account so don't do it.

  2. The shooter in question. Her dying words "it was all a prank bro!"

  3. Guns don't kill people, idiots do.
  4. A straight white cis-gendered male probably tricked her into doing this. Evil bastards. This just proves how much influence the patriarchy has.
  5. I guess she was upset that her videos weren't making any money.
  6. It seems like YouTube could give some options to advertisers who are less conservative in approach, such as a start-up willing to risk being advertised with more "risky" or "offensive" content. Maybe that type of ad would pay less, but it's better than assuming every product must have ads fit to be show amidst kid's shows. Some products themselves shoudn't be shown during kid's shows. Also, a lot of TV content deemed fit for advertisers is far more vulgar and controversial than YouTubers doing tame skits or discussing politics.