YouTube pisses off pretty much everyone who uses YouTube

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  1. Youtube's new interface has more people raging than not it would seem. I think a lot of them are overreacting but the new layout doesn't really bother me since the only page I really use is the subscriptions page and a lot of these comments seem to be about the problems with the subscriptions panel on the home page. Here are some choice comments from angry youtubers:

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg, here's the rest.

    Also their new layout looks like this (the ability to see the like/dislike bar near thumbnails of videos was a plugin I got recently and is not a feature of the new layout):


    However their new video showing off the new look and layout is this:

    Two things stand out here, there are no animations at all let alone the ones they show in this video, and the video has 4,003 likes and 13,431 dislikes.
  2. Change the interface on something and people will nerd rage. Give them enough time and they'll forget what they were raging about. I like what they've done with Youtube. It looks more modern. The old layout looked very 2005-ish. It's needed an update for a long time.

    Windows 7 is a pretty good example of this. Everyone I've given it to pissed and moaned about it when they first got it. Now they say they could never go back to XP, and that XP is just too dated and doesn't have the functionality of 7.
  3. I have 7 on my laptop but I'm stuck with xp on my work comp, it sucks but as long as I'm still able to do my job they won't upgrade it.

    To be fair though most people's complaints with the new YouTube layout are regarding functionality rather that the look. I didn't feel the look needed an overhaul but I like the new style. The grey background is easier on the eyes but someone referred to it as putrid bile colour scheme. Can't please everyone but it seems YouTube can hardly please anyone.
  4. I prefer it to the old version. That is all.
  5. It looks OK, but the functionality sucks. It's more difficult to scan through your subscriptions. I didn't like Microsoft changing the functions from easy to read lists to ridiculous icons or adding a dancing paper clip, and I do not like this.

    Nerds hated Vista, and that was because it was bloated, slow, and generally awful. Windows 7 was a blessing by comparison. Windows 7 was an escape for me from Vista hell.
  6. How did you check your subscriptions before then? I've always clicked on the profile button in the top right and clicked on subscriptions and BOOM! All my subscriptions' latest uploads in one place, and it's still like that, why are people saying it's so hard to click two buttons?
  7. I've always had tunnel vision on Youtube. I only see the search bar up top and then my search results. Since I'm not a pre-pubescent girl, subscriptions and all that garbage don't matter to me.
  8. I have what's on my front page, I don't look any farther :/ navigating YT is just annoying in the first place
  9. I don't have any problems with it at all. I just tick the 'only show uploads' button on the front page in my subscription list and I see new things. I have over 30 subscriptions now and it seems OK to me.
  10. Google also updated gmail at around the same time and I like the changes they've made. The interface is even cleaner, with just the basic stuff you use regularly visible as graphical icons.
  11. I also prefer the older version the new one sucks and please remove forever the add on advertisement.
  12. Youtube concluded the cosmic panda program :(