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  1. Not sure if anyone followed the announcement a little while back but Youtube TV launches today.. although in select markets.

    No idea if they have any plans to go overseas with this at some point.. probably not. This is more or less of a problem in the US with the total shitty cable service providers and their absurd prices. I would say it's similar to their intent with google fiber to disrupt the market and create competition and lower prices.

    They'll also give you a free chromecast after your first month of payment.
  2. I read about this a few weeks ago... it didn't seem competitively priced with DirecTV Now. Especially if you have ATTWS.
  3. Why the select markets?

    I don't see CBS listed. That would mean no AFC football games which kills the deal.
  4. No idea but this is how google generally rolls out things. I assume to fix any issues that come up as they gradually roll it out to other markets.
  5. CBS is $6/mo or free OTA. With DirecTV Now you'll get the most channels in one app.

    To close the gap with traditional cable supplementary channels are necessary. These are independently purchased and wholly separate apps. Simply changing the channel to CBS means exiting DTV and launch CBS. The end user experience with streaming TV is cumbersome and not ready for prime time, imo.
  6. CBS has their own streaming service or is it through another company like Sling?
  7. CBS has their own app. Current weeks content is free, you pay extra for the back catalog. Most major channels have their own apps now. But a la carte pricing quickly gets expensive. Some popular cable channels require cable provider login, defeating the purpose. Ideally, you want a streaming service to bundle as many as you can get. Then pick up minimal stragglers separately.

    That's before you even discuss the hardware choices. I've gone with Apple TV 4 because everyone tends to support Apple right out the gate. Also, guests are comfortable using it.

    So far I've tested Sling and Direct. The content is the same, but the software and menus are not intuitive. After decades of browsing TV guides a certain way, trying something different is a real culture shock.

    The reality is, when you try to cancel cable, the retention offers typically kill streaming TV. The cable company may come out slightly higher, but if you place a value on convenience, you come out ahead.
  8. Do they stream in 1080p? I tried the Comcast streaming service in an attempt to get away from their cable service and I'm pretty sure they were streaming at 320p. Totally unwatchable on a large TV.
  9. LOL Comcast $20 streaming was shit. Forgot I tried that one. DirecTV had a hard time with steady HD streaming, it would re-calibrate a lot. Sling did a good enough job at passable HD picture quality but still didn't look as good as 1080i on my TiVo.

    As cmdrmonkey would say... streaming TV is a dumpster service for smelly poor people.
  10. I can't help but think Comcast is contributing to that situation. Which by the way I was going to cancel my subscription today. All the free stuff expired and my bill is insane again. I'm going to try this DirectTV thing instead. $35 for that plus $15 for HBO (but only when GOT starts), and $6 for CBS (only when NFL is going) is better than the ~$100 I pay now. My only concern is Comcast just implimeted a data cap in my area. I'll be yelling at people to turn the TV off when they aren't directly watching it.
  11. HBO is $5/mo through DTV. They just made it free to wireless customers yesterday. I really wanted to love this due to the $25/mo kickback offer from AT&T.

    Let me know how it works for you. Not sure if it's their servers or my internet. Netflix works flawlessly but I have issues with Amazon VOD.
  12. I've streamed Netflix at 4k without issue. I'm not sure how some of these services that push 720p have such problems. I still haven't canceled but player 3 has entered the game. I told my wife that I was going to cancel and then she says oh, by the way, my Comcast sales rep at work contacted me today and said we can get a special deal. It's like they knew I planning to cancel and circumvented me. So now I'm going to see what they can offer. If I can get basic with HBO for ~$40 I might stay.
  13. Same. I'm on my 2nd consecutive retention offer.

    As a deal site veteran, I turn deal hunting into a game and play the hardest difficulty. I have a grand scheme to sign up for Verizon Unlimited. Pop the SIM into a compatible modem for a month. Cancel all cable company services. Then sign up for the new customer promo after 30 days. Then cancel VZW. Convincing others to take the ride is proving to be the deal killer though.
  14. Signed up for 1 month free of YouTube TV.

    Easily the best and most intuitive interface. The browser version is super slick. Video previews simultaneously play on every channel across your dashboard. Integrates nicely with regular YouTube account.

    The only negative is YT still has the worst lineup for the price. Only a matter of time till the 4 month promos show up. Going to stock up on some more google accounts.