zuzana from bodyrocktv

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  1. What is your stance on Moobs? Does that tickle your fancy too over fake ones?
  2. By moobs you mean man boobs?
  3. Yes. The bane of the jumbogiants!
  4. Men should not have boobs. Some guys may have gynecomastia and need reductive surgery. But the vast majority just need to lose weight.
  5. Indeed. Even walking up and down stairs for at least 30 minutes straight a day is enough to lose weight in the long run.
  6. This was just one of many threads to come. They will be titled to mimic possible google searches, to lure visitors with the promise of boobs.

    I'm not up to date on latest pop culture hot chicks though, so suggestions are welcome. Next up, I was thinking:

    Anne Hathaways in Dark Knight Rising / Anne Hathaway in new batman movie
  7. I'm not sure of the calibre of clientel you're looking to get.
  8. We need more stuff like "how do I tether my mobile to my computer to use the 3G connection for internets?"

    I've just realised. How are people ever going to find stuff on the Internet when they 4ll typ3 lik dis?

    Forget about telling them it's for other people's benefit. Just tell them it's so they can actually use google to google.
  9. Say what you want, but within 24 hours this page is CLOBBERING the other pages in total views. I intend to get people here, then they might stay for the other stuff.

  10. I think that's why Steve had the grammar crackdown in the first couple of years of PVC.
  11. Haha, indeed. I remember Steve's sly comments about my txt like posts back when I was a PVCF green.
  12. This may be completely beside the point of this thread, but has anyone seen the actual workout vids with this woman (YouTube etc.)? There is some pretty intense plyometric/isometric stuff. Plastic surgery aside, there's a reason she looks like that.
  13. Inferiority complex?
  14. I don't know, I prefer cheese grater abs on men, rather than women. She'd give me an inferiority complex.
  15. Zuzana's done porn. I'm gonna need this moved to the dumpster for future updates.
  16. Eh, there are hotter women in porn, like Avy Scott, Gianna Michaels, Penny Flame, Velicity Von, Eva Angelina, and Natasha Nice to name a few.

    A lot of people also like Sasha Grey, but I don't find her that hot. I think most of the appeal comes from her being a dirty ho who will do anything. But her body isn't that great. She's very average looking really.

    The hottest girl in porn right now though IMO is Taylor Vixen. She's almost too hot to be doing porn. The lesbian stuff I've seen with this chick is out of this world. She has an impossibly good body.

  17. she has the face of an angel but...
  18. She fucks other women on camera for money. Yeah details details.
  19. Nobody is too hot for porn.